There is a moment in life when all the doors close. The moment in which you have reached the barrier that cannot be overcome. That is all, nothing further. The end.

March 17, 2017

It was my last visit to my dad.

I knew it and my dad anticipated it.

He gave me his last painting, the unfinished one, but the definite.

Well known scenery in the painting, only the colours were darker than usual.

The cloud of unusual shape dominated in the sky.

Was it an auto portrait of a soul? Was it the cloud as a symbol of a man aspiring for divine heights?

Dear dad, we travelled a long road together, but the time ran out fast.

The world to which we belonged does not exist any more.

It seems as it has never existed at all.

The life goes on with a crazy pace.

People come and go, collect trivia, destroy the nature, make wars….

Where has the common sense gone?

Be accomplished despite the force of time, plant a tree, leave traces.

Dejan Knežević